“I’ve been a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 30 years, so the idea of wearing clothing that complements my physical characteristics makes sense. But guiding people by identifying their Element and using that knowledge to shape their image is a more in-depth process. I have been amazed by the transformative power of this work.”

As a personal trainer, I wore workout clothes all the time. I spent little money on clothes outside of training. I was also busy raising my four children. I remember my daughter at a young age asking why other moms looked so cute and hip. I blew that and any other comments off as superficial and unimportant.




A few of years ago, I put two pounds of meat on the stove, turned it on High to brown—and then forgot about it and went out for two hours. We had what they call a protein fire. My husband and I had to move out of the house while things got painted, o-zoned, cleaned or thrown out. Most of my clothing went into the trash.


Now I needed new clothes, but I’ve hated shopping for as long as I can remember. I always needed help, usually from my daughter, my mom, or my husband. None of them dressed me in a way that felt right to me.


How did I want to dress?

I belong to a networking group called BNI (Business Networking International), which features guest speakers. Around the time of my clothing crisis, one such speaker was Joyce Rosenblad. She mentioned an upcoming clothing workshop on the “Elements,” so I signed up for the event.

At the workshop, We were each assessed by holding different fabrics to our face, along with 15 other indicators. So much more than the 1980’s ‘Color me Beautiful’ process that simply picks a color that matches your skin and hair and eyes.
The Element System goes beyond skin tone, to use signature colors-textures-designs-sheens that belong to an Element Family.

I was told I am a Fire.

Each person has an Element Family that will accentuate their natural essence and activate their energy, brightest light and vibration. While this might sound woo-woo, let me assure you this is science, specifically physics. There are colors and energy that uniquely fits each one of us. We are designed in a specific way. When we dress and behave in the tendencies of our Element, we feel more authentic, genuine and beautiful. It liberates people across the lines of age, gender, size, and shape to feel radiant in their skin as they embrace and wear their natural Element.

For example, when I shopped with my mom, she wanted me to be a “Water” which is her natural Element. So she would pick flowing soft grays and muted colors for me to wear. This is what she was naturally attracted to (for everyone but herself). However, these pieces look beautiful on her. Most women dress in their secondary element and subconsciously hide their most magnificent light and beauty.

While I thought my daughter, who is Water element, wanted me to dress like a teen, she is very similar to my mom and usually recommends “watery” fabrics for me to try on. She picked identical colors to my mother, however with a younger style.

Bill, my husband, who is an Earth, has very still energy and likes fabrics that are tight and snug (consistent with Earth style). While this is very flattering for an Earth body, for me this fit was usually too tight and uncomfortable.

As a child, you are drawn to your natural textures, colors, and design lines. As we get older, things happen, and we shift to dress to our secondary element to somehow make ourselves more neutral and invisible. While we want to looks sharp and be comfortable, we struggle to find this natural style.


Back to the workshop, I had noticed that one of the women, Jane, was gaunt, with dark circles under her eyes. I thought she was terminally ill, and I wondered how this process would help her. When it was Jane’s turn to be typed, a specific fabric was held up to her face, and we all gasped in unison.

Suddenly, Jane was beautiful.

She got color in her cheeks, and the dark circles disappeared. She looked in a mirror and cried as she saw her radiance.

It was then that I saw my new life’s work of teaching and coaching women (and men) as an image consultant. I would help unlock their natural beauty and power by finding their natural Element.

The work begins with finding your Element Type but continues as you learn about the textures, shapes, design lines and sheen that also enhance your ability to show up authentically. Initially, I was not happy that I was a fire, I wanted to be Water. The Fire colors did not seem beautiful to me.

However, after the workshop, I had my closet edited to match the Fire element. As I began to wear those pieces I saw myself coming alive. It is a different way of seeing yourself and you must train your eye to begin to recognize it.

Soon after, I went to a social gathering dressed as a FIRE. Everyone enveloped me when I walked in and tried to figure out what I did differently. One woman even asked if I had gotten a facelift. They said I looked so different and radiant. These ladies expressed how intruded they were, and all signed up for the next workshop. Now they are embracing and wearing their Element family as well.

Finding out and committing to your natural element is so exciting! Calling people to their most beautiful self is so rewarding and life-changing. The story continues with each person on their journey… come home to Yourself.