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Hue and Stripe Launch!

LIFESTYLE Hue and Stripe Launch! Amy Bissonette, Co-Founder, Minneapolis 27 Aug 2018   Here is the new exciting tool called Hue and Stripe. It's designed for Image Consultants only.  There are over 70,000 stores included for me to use. It is available through Element...

The little black dress revisited

LIFESTYLE The Little Black Dress Revisited Amy Bissonette, Co-Founder, Minneapolis 27 Sept 2018   My husband Bill and I were at a party, I was wearing a black dress. I said, "shall we take this gown for a spin on the dance floor?” It was as though it was another...

Fall & Winter Fashion

LIFESTYLE Fall / Winter Fashion Amy Bissonette, Co-Founder, Minneapolis 22 Sept 2018 A BRIEF SUMMARY OF COLORS AND STYLES FOR EACH ELEMENT AIR You will find that your Red, Purple, and Yellow are high fashion this season.  'Street Style Statement Coats', along with...

Look Good Feel Good

LIFESTYLE Look Good - Feel Good Amy Bissonette, Co-Founder, Minneapolis 22 April 2018 Think of a time you looked great, and you knew it. How you felt, how you interacted with people, and how people looked at you. I remember going twice in one day to the same place....

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