Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as what my mother did in the 80's? Color me beautiful?
That was a heavily oversimplified version of what we do. Color me beautiful is decided by hair, eye and skin color. We use over 15 physical characteristic indicators, but most importantly we put you under a photographers light and wait to see natural and authentic beauty.
Is this a strengths inventory or a Myers Briggs look alike?
Our work is often called the ‘Meyers Briggs’ for the body or ‘Feng Shui’ for the body.  There are aspects that are similar and we work well in conjunction with these.
Is this the same as my astrological sign?
No, this is the physical properties of the elements that we are made up of.
How do I see a transformation?
Right now you are dressing the way you do, for a reason.

How you dress includes upbringing, culture, and both work and life interactions.  These influences create what we like to call ‘ a veil’. This veil makes us invisible and undervalued.  

One afternoon of discovery is not going to remove the veil.  We have found over the years that our successful clients schedule out the element assessment, closet, and house edits, and then both educational and wardrobe building the personal shopping, and renew that education as their personal style evolves over the years. Like all life changes, you have to be willing to commit to seeing a true transformation.

Is this a new age thing?
No, this is physics. If we were to put anything under a strong enough microscope it would vibrate. We are assessing this vibration in you and bringing your clothing, hair, accessories, environment…etc into alignment with that so there is no barriers or distractions to authentic connection.
How do I know which element I am? Can I know what my family members are by their personality?
It is fun to guess.  But we use a very specific involved process. We are often wrong with our guesses and really have to trust the process.