Spinning in circles to find a Stylist in Minneapolis?

Element Into Focus

An image of a person may be described as a non-verbal representation of an individual. Image perception is fundamental, especially for professionals, for whom personal appearance, personal style, and public resolution matters a lot. However, not everyone is gifted or is knowledgeable about social etiquette, communication, presentation and other such things.

An image consultant is a trained professional who is hired to teach people ways to create a fabulous impression and not just regarding physical appearance but also concerning behavior and talking. We offer useful advice to help people get a promotion, get a good job and feel good about themselves.


In simple terms, the goal of an image consultant is to help individuals achieve their goals, and these goals may vary. For instance, some people might want to hire an image consultant to help them create a fabulous impression to get that job they have been eyeing for long. On the other hand, others may want to reinvent themselves.

While there are some benefits of hiring the services of a qualified and experienced, not everybody understands the importance of the work. If you have not been as successful as you think you should be due to your image, hiring an image consultant to make changes to your wardrobe and your image may help you achieve your goals. These consultants are like fashion designers or weight management experts who are experts in their field and help people achieve their goals through great -looking clothes and weight loss respectively.

Here is how a consultant can help you achieve success in life:

A fashion consultant can help an individual identify their goals and suggest appropriate dressing for different situations to project trustworthiness, stability, approachability, authority and other such things. In other words, they help people see themselves in a new light.

You may not know that there are eight different types of body shapes and these body shapes also have many variations. A trained image consultant has the necessary tools and training to identify your body shape and suggest a variety of ways to enhance positive variations and counter negative variations to create an overall attractive image. They can also help people identify their style and give suggestions to help them create an authentic image.

More often than not, people are uncomfortable when they have to dress as per the advice was given by other professionals. Everyone has a personal style but not everyone is aware of it consciously, but an image consultant can help them discover their style and wear clothing that is not only comfortable but also helps them create a unique image.

One of the biggest issues with clothing is affordability, and many people often regret impulse decisions. Some people end up buying a lot of clothes but are not comfortable wearing anything they have bought when they have to go to an important meeting. They can help people build their unique wardrobe to cater to a variety of situations affordably.

Body language is an important part of non-verbal communication, and an image consultant can help people develop appropriate body language for various occasions. Do not forget that etiquette goes a long way in various business and social situations and an experienced professional can guide an individual through appropriate etiquette for corporate meetings, business dinners, and other such occasions.

How to Choose the right one

Choosing a professional is not an easy thing as there are too many options and you do not want to choose the first consultant you come across. There was a time when image consulting was a service typically required by the rich and famous but these days; it has become a mainstream service which means anybody can claim to be an image consultant and take you for a ride if you’re not careful. So, do your homework and follow the tips mentioned below to hire the services of the right company for your particular requirements.

Avoid These

First and foremost, it is recommended to stay away from individuals or companies who claim to be fashion gurus. Store owners or boutique owners fall into this category. They can give you great recommendations and fashion advice regarding the merchandise available in their store, but they are typically limited to things available in their store and may not offer unbiased advice. You need someone who can give you unbiased advice that suits your needs. It is important that they recommend things from a variety of brands to create an individual style. So, avoid individuals where self-promotion may create a hindrance for unbiased advice.

You should also avoid salesperson in department stores as they usually work on commission which means they will always recommend high-priced garments. It’s true that they keep an eye on trends and can help you choose clothes as per the latest trend, but they are unlikely to take your physical shape or personality into account. It’s in their best interest to sell you as much as possible. Also, the seller may not necessarily have the qualifications or training to offer image consultation.

Another common category of self-proclaimed consultants includes hair stylists or make-up artists. These individuals may offer you some good advice, but they do not have the necessary training and experience in style and fashion to offer image consultation. In most cases, an image consultant has their experienced team that offers makeover services. Most hairstylists do not have enough time to make recommendations based on your lifestyle and personality.

More often than not, people are uncomfortable when they have to dress as per the advice was given by other professionals. Everyone has a personal style but not everyone is aware of it consciously, but an image consultant can help them discover their style and wear clothing that is not only comfortable but also helps them create a unique image.


While websites and blogs are a great way to get information but you shouldn’t base your image makeover based on the advice you have read on a blog. The information may be outdated or may have been written by someone who is not an expert in the field. Also, the information is generic and not personalized whereas you need personal advice for a complete makeover.


Understand Your Goals

You are paying someone for personalized advice which means they should take the time to understand your goals. A professional will always listen to your desires before coming up with a plan of action. Typically, experts offer several plans to help their clients.

Some fashionistas are great at keeping up with the latest fashion trends but may not have the necessary experience to cater to the daily life of the clients. You are paying them to come up with a plan that not only gives you an image makeover but also keeps you comfortable. Stay away from someone who tries to force their vision on you without paying attention to your desires and needs. You will be able to carry a piece of clothing if you do not feel comfortable and confident in it.


You want to work with a consultant who has a passion for fashion. In other words, they love fashion and know everything about the latest trends and understand everything there is to understand about colors compatibility and other rules. They should know about matching accessories.

Also, they should create a personalized style based on your body type and your unique requirements. They should not force uncomfortable clothing items on you only because the items happen to be the latest trend. You should be able to figure it out by the time your first meeting with the consultant is over.


As mentioned in the beginning, there is no dearth of style consultants or image consultants these days. Many services have come up with algorithms to help their clients choose clothes and other such things. You are paying for personal service and not a computer algorithm.

So, do not go with the service that claims to have the latest breakthrough algorithm to match you with the right clothes with the help of a computer. You want a personal stylist for a successful makeover. So, avoid the automatic route and instead, work with someone who has the necessary experience, skill, and training to give you the right advice on a personal level.


As far as the pricing is concerned, there are several models prevalent in the industry. Some of the consultants offer package prices that come with a predetermined number of hours for each service. For instance, a package may offer up to 4 hours for shopping and three hours for your wardrobe consulting time and other such things. However, it’s a very personal thing, and you never know how long the process will take until it’s done.

In other words, avoid services that come with a fixed pricing model and do not have any flexibility. After all, you’re spending money for a personal recommendation, and sometimes, it may take longer to come up with items that satisfy your requirements. Keep in mind that the package pricing model is typically beneficial for stylists and may not be the right choice for you. Since everyone is different and has a unique style, everyone also takes different time to discover their style. So, make sure you choose a pricing model that works best for you and not for the stylist.

Be Clear about Your Goals

Some people are aware of the things they want, but they do not have the time and want to hire the services of the stylist to get things for their wardrobe. On the other hand, some people want to engage the services of pro help them redefine their image as well as their wardrobe to achieve personal stylist certain goals. You can do both with certain companies.

These are some of the critical factors you need to take into account when you are looking for a business to help achieve your goals. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your stylist needs to look fabulous for them to be a great image consultant. They need to look great in their style. They should be comfortable, but it does not mean that you are going to wear the clothes they are wearing.

“It’s never too late to reinvent yourself”