Fall / Winter Fashion

Amy Bissonette, Co-Founder, Minneapolis

22 Sept 2018



You will find that your Red, Purple, and Yellow are high fashion this season.  ‘Street Style Statement Coats’, along with very busy prints will look terrific on you.  Western is in again for you and light airy fabrics layered will be on point.


Your dynamic Blue and Purple are in fashion this Fall as well as your Red. Rushing is back and creates that flowing look that is wonderful on you. Layering for a flow that is memorable is perfect for this season. A ‘Statement Coat’ in your color and silky textures would be a terrific find that you could wear for years.


The Teals and browns are beautifully warm and rich this autumn.  With your reds and oranges showing up in most stores there will be plenty to choose from in your best season. Texture and layering, prints, plaids and an 80s version of western wear will make getting outfits together easy.


There is a saturated Blue and Purple along with a good Red for you this fall. It would be fabulous to find a signature coat that expresses your style. Also, plaids are in, so something cozy in your colors would be a good buy. Look for your grounding blue too. It could replace something black in your closet.

Let me know if I can help in any way with questions or thoughts.

We are offering an individual styling hour for you to maximize your wardrobe impact and usefulness for $125 if you have been assessed.  If you are interested in learning more about this process and how to set up your free 30-minute style consultation or have other questions please contact me for more information.

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