What Is Your Style Saying About You?

Your style says a lot about you whether you know it or not! Get the look and style you want with a professional wardrobe consultation.

Image Consulting & Personal Styling 

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How It Works

Our mission is to liberate you to dress in a way that is authentic and empowering. Therefore creating better connections and communication in all areas of life.

Open your mind to a new you

Ready to transform the way you look?

The Styling Process

Receive in-depth signature style session.

Closet Audit

Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time.

We are your Personal Shopper

Helpful and educational.

00-1:26 Introduction by the master of ceremonies for the College of St. Bens and St. Johns University.

1:27-2:07 Why does Image matter to the audience?

2:08-5:58  Amy’s story – Read More

5:59-6:29 We are the only animal that doesn’t come with our colors.  What does that mean for our culture and the fashion industry?

6:50-9:14 Before and after examples using the lens of ability to see and connect, as opposed to being distracted by clothing.

9:15-11:37 Live models demonstrate before and after in an attempt to teach this distraction piece of the work.

Watch Amy’s Talk to understand why your personal image matters

4 Simple Steps To Hiring An Image Consultant

Tired of wasting money? Want to dress in a way that makes you feel happy and confident? We have the affordable solution.

Step 1: Decide

Visibility is the source of our greatest power!

How you present yourself makes a world of difference in how people perceive you and how they treat you. Now is the time to Decide who you want to be. Do you want to be your authentic, beautiful self? Think back to a time when you were out somewhere and looked like a million bucks. Now contrast that with a day when you went out feeling pretty grubby. Do you recall how people treated you differently in each of those two scenarios? And more importantly, how did you treat and talk to yourself?

Step 2: Personal Style Sessions

Understand the difference between dressing in an empowering way so people connect with you versus being noticed for your clothing, (i.e. “You look beautiful!” versus “Beautiful Dress!”

Each person sits under a special photography light eau naturale so we are looking at YOU! We will play with various fabrics, textures, colors, accessories and makeup until we see your unique radiance shine through.

Learn how to align what you wear with who you are so that shopping becomes easy, fun and an authentic expression of you. Save time, money and energy only buying what works for you!

Step 3: Full Closet Audit

Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. We help you create a super functional closet you’ll love because it feels like a party! Before we come, you will go through and make piles of YES, NO, MAYBE and SENTIMENTAL FAVORITES.

Together we will make a plan, put together outfits and determine what is missing. Prepare yourself to be pushed out of your comfort zone, the goal is that everything in your closet goes together, creating several different looks that are in sync with you.

Step 4: Personal Shopping

We will continue to work on your personal style. Though your colors never change, you do,  and so does your unique style. 

This is where we hone your image with a lot of guidance and expertise.

Can be in store or online.

Designed to fit your budget and preferences

Limited Time Offer!

Request a free 30-minute image consultation with us and take control of your wardrobe today.



Amy Bissonette

Amy Bissonette

Personal Stylist

Amy started Element Into focus five years ago. She believes that the value of showing up most authentically through wardrobe planning is the key to true connection. She excels in personal shopping and styling, as well as having a keen eye for statement pieces. She’s excited to help empowers you in all aspect of your life.

Betsy Bissonette

Betsy Bissonette

Personal Stylist

Betsy has been with the Twin Cities based company for about a year. She is our go to gal for all things web. She believes that dressing and looking your best is a tool to help people become the best version of themselves. She has a great eye for online shopping and fun new trends. She is looking forward to helping you find a great new style.



This process not only shifts your appearance, it can profoundly shift your relationship with yourself.

Dr. Miriam Reiess

I am so grateful for this work, it has changed my life dramatically. I finally came out of hiding and now I am fully expressing who I am inside and out. Dressing in my truth feels awesome!

Betsy Hork

It’s the most accessible and fun portal to complete transformation that you will ever find.

Kirby Ingram

Element Into Focus

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